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Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Boss says "Go!" - A Leader says "Let's go!"

Leaders are people who bring out the best in others by leading by example. They have a positive attitude, communicate well, get along with others, create positive work places, lead change, manage confrontation, have a sense of urgency, inspire others, mentor others, are not afraid of failure, have goals and WORK HARD. Leader get their authority from below (managers get their authority from above).
One of my mentors, says -you can have everything you want in life if you’ll only help others get what they want.?
What do people want? People want: To be healthy, to be involved, to be important, to have a challenging job, to be appreciated and to have job security.
What do people fear? People fear: Failure, public speaking, rejection, change and confrontation.
The best and fastest way to learn to be a leader is to observe and imitate a proven leader. Associate with positive people and learn leadership from the experience of those who have reached the top. Don’t be afraid to ask someone you respect to be your mentor. Mentoring will get you to the top quicker than any other management tool available.
Nothing is more important than having and maintaining a positive attitude. It is fundamental to your success. Remember, nothing constructive can be accomplished with a negative attitude.
Other traits I’ve found very important to leadership are to work hard, have a sense of urgency, constantly stay in school and take public speaking courses.
Therefore, here are some ways to develop/reinforce your leadership skills
Work Hard

Accept the Challenge

Think Big and Positive

Know the Business of Your Business

Invest in Yourself and Others

Focus Training on the Human Element

Take Public Speaking Courses

Increase Your Visibility

Involve Your Employees

Increase Your Ability to Deal with Change

Bring Back Values

Financial Know-How

Value Diversity

Be Decisive and Be Bold

Develop a Sense of Urgency

Never Fear Failure

Be Inquisitive

Be a Team Player

Encourage Others

Look for the Gold in Others

It is recommended that you keep these steps of developing leadership within easy reading distance. Review and use them often. They will help you positively change the organizational culture of your department. Developing and maintaining a positive, caring work environment is an important way to motivate and build better people. They, in turn, will produce a return on the investment that you placed in them a hundredfold. Your potential is almost unlimited. You already have in you some of every quality of success needed to be whatever you want to be, to do whatever you want to do, and to have whatever you want to have. All you need to do now is to make the decision to refine/reinforce your qualities to move closer toward your goal of becoming a successful leader.

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