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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Common Mispronounced Words

Have you ever feared sounding stupid? You probably don’t realize it, but common mispronunciations can rob you of respect. If you’re mispronouncing a few key words, people may peg you as less intelligent than you really are.
Ten most commonly mispronounced words
1. “R” instead of “Our”
“R” is a letter. “Our” is a complete word. Don’t slip past the “ou” – it’s pronounced like “ouch.”
2. “Probly" for “Probably”
Don’t forget to pronounce the “ab” in the middle. It’s sounds like “uh” in the middle.
3. “Fur" for “For”
Would you like to go “fur” ice cream? Not exactly. “For” is pronounced like the number four.
4. “Tuh" instead of “To”
Did you go “tuh” to the mall? Why not go to the mall?
5. “Jist" instead of “Just”
“Jist a minute?” Do you see the letter “i?” Instead, substitute a soft “u” like “uh” and you’ll have it right.
6. The lost letter "L"
Did you do “aw-right?” Does your wife “aw-ready” have diamond stud earrings? Don’t lose the “l” in words like already!
6. The added"X" Do you say “excape,” “expecially,” or “excetera?” Do you drink “expresso?” Axe the “x” and give them the “s” they deserve.
8. “Feb-you-ary" instead of “February”
Think beer. Remember to pronounce the “brew” in the middle of the sweetest month.
9. “D" for “T”
A common example of this is to say “qualidy” when you really mean “quality.”
10. “Pitcher" for “Picture”
The first one’s bound for the Hall of Fame. Chances are you mean to say the one that hangs in the hallway or sits on your desk. Remember the “c” in picture.

Work them into your conversations for the next week and you can change your habits. This communication challenge can help you learn which words may be damaging your credibility

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