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Monday, January 31, 2011

Power of Positive Language

Positive language is the art of using words and phrases to communicate a positive, supportive tone to your employees, customers and anyone else you come into contact with. Using positive language is important to help build rapport with others. It makes a huge impact on the way you are received as a manager or coworker.
Have you ever asked for help with something, only to hear that nothing could be done to help you? How did that make you feel? Well, to say the least, you probably felt helpless, and asked yourself why you even communicated with this person in the first place?

The truth is, we all love to hear positive things as opposed to hearing negative things. This is why using positive language is so important.
For instance, take a look at the following examples, and you can hear the difference that positive language makes:
Take 1 "I'm not able to process your request Mr. Singh. You did not give me all of the information I needed."
Take 2 "Mr. Singh, I'd be more than happy to process your request. I will just need to get a few more pieces of information from you."
In a nutshell, positive language lets someone know what you can do, instead of what you can't do. It shows that you care. Positive language can be especially helpful if you have to deliver bad news or say no to someone.
Use these guidelines
By incorporating the following guidelines into what you say and write, you will be successful at using positive language:
·         Highlight the positive.
·         Show willingness to help.
·         Project a service-oriented attitude.
·         Emphasize what you (or your company) can do, not what you cannot.
·         Avoid using statements that can put people on the defensive.
·         When you have to say no, explain the reason and, if appropriate, show empathy.
Every day you have an opportunity to practice using positive language. Whether it's with your employees, co-workers, parents or friends, always be mindful of what you can do to ensure a positive communication.
Another great thing about positive language is that it is contagious! So practice it more often....

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