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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Communication Barrier- Talking too Fast

Some people talk really fast, which is major communication problem. Whereas talking slow is a slightly minor problem. Talking Fast disturbs the communication cycle. The listener is unable to understand and the message is interpreted as the listener wants to interpret it. Therefore, the whole purpose of communication is lost. Overly fast talking can result in failure to understand what is said - for the following reasons: 
o    Poor enunciation makes words unintelligible;
o    Listeners can't process the ideas to keep up with the talker;
o    fast talkers are often "out of sync" with their listeners.

Reasons Why Some People talk too fast
1. Anxiety. When they are nervous, they'll often tend to talk faster & sometimes loud also.
2. Regionalism. The language that we speak at home i.e. Mother Tongue has an effect on Spoken English. Like, people from North India like Delhi speak a lot faster than people from south India.
3. Socialization. Sometimes, a big family also affects your speech rate. In a bigger family we tend to talk faster & louder in order to get your thoughts across in a hurry to avoid being interrupted or stopped.
4. Bi-polar disorder. Sufferers tend to talk too fast and about many different things at once. (Treatment of this condition requires medical intervention with medication.)
How to check your speech rate
You can check your rate of speech by reading aloud a piece from a newspaper. Count out 180 words from an article and record it, then time what you have recorded. If you read it in about one minute, you are talking at a "general" rate. If you read it in 45 seconds, you are probably talking too fast. (Or you can also ask a few friends, "Do I sometimes talk too fast?")

I have found that many fast talkers are not aware of their habit, and therefore they see no benefits in changing.
Remedies to Fast Talking
1. Use pauses to punctuate your talking and also to slow you down. Pausing between phrases can be helpful to the listener.
2. Look people in the eye when you're talking. You'll get feedback from the listener(s) if you're being understood. Having this connection helps to pace your rate of speaking.
3. Consciously breathe more often to feel calmer and energize your voice.

Speaking at a moderate rate is not only more intelligible to listeners; it can also communicate self confidence and authority so that you have more influenced with your ideas.

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