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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Importance of Good Writing Skills

One is amazed to see the craze to learn English nowadays and also mushrooming of the institutions teaching Spoken English. These institutes claim to make you fluent in English in a matter of days. People spend good money to learn spoken English but fail to understand that written English is what required to excel in career and professional front. Unfortunately, there are no reservations with these institutes. 

  • Even uneducated people can learn to speak good English. But the highest level of job they can get will be a call center associate or retail counter clerk. Even in most call center jobs, a person should be able to write and record notes in English into computer in understandable manner. As you climb up the corporate ladder, your written English skills gain importance. 
  • Good writing skills are essential for professional growth. It is the core aspect while writing resumes, communicating with clients about products, building customer relationships etc.
  • Good writing is essential in sales as big clients prefer written proposals. Even while writing resumes, a clear and well written sentences highlighting your experience, qualities and character, will gain confidence of the recruiter.
  • A person who wants to speak English fluently should know that they must first have good command over written English. Once your written skills are good, automatically your verbal skills will be good.
  • Writing in English requires good knowledge about the grammar, vocabulary, and structure. A crystal clear, structured, and correct writing can effectively convey one’s thought to the reader. 
  • Effective written English helps to glide through ideas, feelings, and opinions without getting perplexed. 
  • Good writing reflects positive traits like self-confidence, clear thinking, analytical mind etc.
  • Writing properly makes you look intelligent and professional. It is also the mental organizational skills of the person which comes into picture at this stage. A person can effectively write when he has mental clarity about what exactly he has to convey.
  • Effective written English polishes and organizes your thinking process which makes you speak in better way. What person speaks is the manifestation of his thought process which develops due to writing.
  • Written English is beneficial while giving presentation as concepts, knowledge, future strategy etc. should be correctly written to make others understand. Suppose you are a team leader and asked to submit an action plan or a report about how to approach a project, then it is your writing skills that will help to present the report and gain confidence.
  • Speed of speaking is important in speaking English, while accuracy and clarity of thought is important in writing. Since ample time is there in writing that the quality standards are also high. Unless you have speech impediment, good written English skills almost automatically translates into good verbal skills.

Much of professional communication is done in writing: proposals, memos, reports, applications, preliminary interviews, e-mails, and more are part of the daily life of a college student or successful graduate. Even if students manage to learn the material in their college classes without knowing how to write well, they won’t be able to express their knowledge to the people who are making the big decisions. Potential employers won’t know whether or not head knowledge can be applied to everyday demands unless it’s through a spoken interview. Even the majority of certifications and licensures require basic writing skills to obtain. The inability to write makes for a stillborn career.

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